Exterior Paint

The stucco color is used for all masonry walls of the home, common walls, masonry walls that  are a physical part (attached) the home structure, and gutter downspouts.

The trim color is to be applied to all wood surfaces and trim of the home, fascias, soffets, gutters, garage doors, and any freestanding wood fences.

Chimneys are to be painted based on the material, i.e. stucco color for stucco chimneys, and trim color for wood chimneys.

Entry doors may use the trim color, a tasteful contrasting color (approved by the ACC), or natural wood stain and varnish.

Driveways  are to retain a natural concrete finish; sidewalks are to be either natural concrete or, upon ACC  approval, an alternate surface such as Chattahoochee stone.

Sidewalks or driveways shall not be painted.

Sherwin Williams Store #2373


SHERWIN WILLIAMS Porpoise SW7047 Wood Trim Keystone Gray SW7504 Stucco

SHERWIN WILLIAMS Dry Dock SW7502 Wood Trim Utterly Beige SW6080 Stucco


Colonial Revival SW2827 - Downing Sand SW2822

SHERWIN WILLIAMS Quiver Tan Wood Trim SW2827 Nantucket Dune SW7527 StuccoPorter Paints OviedoPORTER PAINTS COLOR PAIRINGS*

Beige Tellin #6706-3 ~ Soft Cloud #6704-1

Cathedral Gray #7185-2 ~ Pale Linen #6907-1

Umber Shadow #7198-1 ~ Umber Cloud #7191-1

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Swatches for the above Porter Paint color pairings. We are currently researching the availability of these paints from the manufacturer and for the best retail location should they continue to be available for purchase.